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Thickening Agent Super AS-60

We are counted among the reliable Manufacturers and Suppliers of Thickening Agent Super AS-60. The Thickening Agents we make available are known for their excellent quality and long shelf life. We ensure that these reach the buyers in excellent quality packaging options. Buyers are free to place bulk orders of these with us and we ensure their timely execution within the stipulated timeframe. One can obtain these at nominal rates.


Super As-60  is an acid-containing, crosslinked acylic emulsion copolymer forms viscous solution at low concentrations upon neutrailzation with a base. Used as a thickener in waterborne coatings. When the emulsion is diluted with water and neutralized with a base, each emulsion paricls swells greatly. The emulsion clarifies under these conditions and becomes highly viscous.

Super As-60 being a polyacrylic thickner gives superior performance than conventional thickners like CMC, HEC, stirage stability of paint with Super As-60 is much superior than  with CMC of HEC. Solutions for use are prepared rapidly since neutrailzation occurs instantanously with a variety of standard bases. It is frequently possible to incorporate Super As-60 directly into the system to be thickned without prencutrailzation. This avoids handling a viscous thickener solution. If the system contains enough tree alkalinity to neutralize Super As-60 then "in-situ" thickening will occour. If no Super As-60 fully neutralizes a pH approximately 8.0

Properties of the Emulsion :

  • Appearance : Milkywhite emulsion
  • Solids Content (150oC/20 min) : 28.0 +05%
  • pH, when packed : 2-4
  • Viscosity
  • (1 percent neutralized solution.) : Min2000 CPS-Max5000
  • (brookfield LVF#3/12@25oC)
  • Specific Gravity, as supplied @ 25oC (Typical) : 1.054
  • Collodial Charge : Anicnic

Note :

Freezing or addition in the emuision of soluble iron, copper or other multivalent cations multivalent cations may precipitation of polymer solids. If the emuision is accidentaly frozen and selting of the polymer is evident. The product may be recovered in useful form by diluting it with water and adding alkali to form the salt solution.

Advantages :
Storage stablility of paint with Super As-60 is much superior than with CMC or HEC.
Handling is greatly simplified, compared to that required with powdered natural or synthtic gums, cellulosic thickners.
Solution of Super As-60 effectively suspend pigment,  abrasives and other finely divided solids. The sodium salt of Super As-60 is highly efficient thicknner for these suspensions and the thickened pigment suspension have good stablility. Unlike conventional thickners, salts of Super As-60 have little flocculating action. Thickened lactices are free of any any creaming tendency and aqueous suspensions are free of sedimentation.

The high viscosity of Super As-60, Solutions, even at low concentrations,  suggests their use to suspend pigments & fillers in water based paints, inks or other coatings of the abrasive particles in water or palishes.
It is also useful for viscosity adjustment at emulsion & latexcompound at many types.

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