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Dispersing Agents Super D-850

The company shares glorious credentials with the eminent Manufacturers and Suppliers of Dispersing Agents Super D-850. The Dispersing Agents offered by us gives high efficiency performance with a wide array of pigments and extenders. Courtesy our brilliant logistics network, we are capable of delivering bulk orders of these within stipulated timeframe. Buyers can obtain these at market-leading rates from us.


Dispersants :
Pigment particles have a natural tendency to come together and from aggregates, because they are small particles and have large inter-particle attractive forces working them. When used in aqueous media this flocculating tendency is further intensified because the pigment particles are squeezed together by the water molecules, water too,  having  a storage affinity for itself. Therefore, these natural tendencies must be perrmanently overcome if pigment are to remain dispersed in the coating until it is dried.

Super D-850 is a very low foaming dispersant in solution form with excellent dispersing activity for a variety of inorganic pigments and clays in aqueous systems. It is especially useful in systems involving dispersions of inorganic such as titanium dioxide and extenders. It has demonstrated superior performance in formulations in which reactive pigments, such as zinc oxide or basic lead silicate are incorporated, imparting improved stablility to such systems.

Physical Properties :   

  • Appearance : Colourless to pale yellow clear liquid.
  • Solid Content (120oC/60 min) : 29.0 + 31.0%
  • pH, when packed (1% solution ) : 9-10.5
  • Viscosity : 125-325 cps.
  • (Brooking Viscosity LVF#2/60 @ 25oC)
  • Clarity at 1% solution : clear

Super D-850 is only soluable in polar solvents such as water, glycerin and ethylene glycol.

Note :

For maximum effectiveness, Super D-850 should be used in systems at pH 9.0 to 10.0 However, in specific cases good dispersion can be obtained at lower pH value. Super D-850 is quite that it does not disperse organic solids such as organic carbon black, pigments or dyestuffs.

Advantages :
Super D-850 is widely used in trade sales paints with acrylic, butadine-styrene and polyvinyl acatatre systems. It give high efficiency performance with a very wide range of pigments and extenders. Pigment dispersions prepared with SUPER D-850 shows good stability of heat.

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